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About Us

Rav Chaim Dray 

Rav Chaim Dray was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Paris. In 2005, he began his Rabbinical studies at Brunoy Yeshiva, then in the U.S, Detroit, Michigan and then Brooklyn, New York.


In 2010, still a student, he starts to get the "Sidra de la Semaine" printed and distributed, the first Jewish educational publication in French in N.Y.


In 2012, as part of his Rabbinic studies, he is sent to Cote St. Luc in Canada where he teaches community members and actively participates in Chabad activities.

Sheina Dray  was born in Paris where she studied at Beth Hanna School and Beth Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal, Canada.


In 2011, she returned to France to Beth Hanna School where she taught for 2 years .


In the summer 2013, Chaim & Sheina get married and decide to follow the Rabbi's instructions to bring each Jew closer to Judaism with love.


They settle in Manhattan where together they lead Habad Francophone de Manhattan. They start the "French Women Circle"  which organizes monthly women's events, the Mitzvah Stands, give dozens of classes per month, organize events for Jewish holidays, welcome thousands of French tourists and help hundreds of students and young professionals to settle and develop their Judaism.


Chaim & Sheina have five children, Chaya, Menachem, Bayla, Yossi & Levi who are part of their mission.

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